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It’s been exactly 948 days since power changed hands, but the situation is how much has this change been in our favor?  As youths, especially fresh out of the university, there’s so little we can boast of as the percentage on unemployment increases by the second. The National Bureau of Statistics recorded the Nigerian unemployment rate increased 13.9% to 14.2% between the last and preceding quarters of 2016 and this reduces the chances of other fresh graduate to secure a good job, so how does the government really intend to handle this because nothing has really improved even after so much promise made because we do remember them saying to provide a certain millions of jobs so how far? To the ghost thousands of people they said they provide jobs for, how much are these jobs of value? The government is just towing with us, manipulating us day by day just for the idea of ruling the country but yet the masses suffers. The olds have the refuse to live office while the young have for themselves a new source of livelihood.

Ok let’s shift our attention to the security of our dear nation; we are still robbed by this same people, if you wish to disagree, ask the youths how much harassment we do face every time we go out looking really good or maybe in a flashy car. Instead of being guarded we still the dwell in the fear of insecurities “a guy goes out looking all simple and gets pulled over for interrogation for suspicion of fraud, tattoos are now becoming a new trend of offense “be like them need to re-educate these people” we see these everyday funny how we’re now comfortable with all that’s happen but for sure we no fit run commot country but what can we really do? Or is it the dreadlocks  most of us carry, if one is spotted with it in a care he’s a fraudster, if he’s in a public transport, he’s both a fraudster, a drug dealer or smoker possibly all of the above the South South brothers can testify.

Talk about the fuel scarcity we just faced during the festive period, the government totally turned us to fuel hunters, they should kuku turn the country to a jungle lets us know we now have to hustle for every single thing in other to survive. It’s just a same knowing we all go through this and yet still be comfortable.

A country with an increase in slay queens and a decrease in creativity all sort of money schemes coming up just to meet livelihood, the government has no right anymore so I’d say they either shut up or fix the problem. We need to live the streets or what’s your take?

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